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I have nothing but praise for Paul.

He has provided a practical path for helping me overcome my anxiety and explained that the source of my problems go back many years.

Paul has provided support throughout our time together, especially during periods of difficulties.

He is a strong advocate of helping his clients overcome anxiety in the long term; he does not believe that the short-term masking of symptoms is an adequate solution.

As an anxiety specialist, Paul is a world leader and I highly recommend his services.

Dr David Bradshaw
University of East Anglia

Paul helped me regain my life back!

I was struggling with chronic insomnia which caused heightened anxiety issues for 6 months. A medley of prescribed pills were only making matters worse!

In steps Paul. Within a matter of weeks my whole perception of my the way I was feeling had changed. My insomnia started to greatly improve and I was weaning off the prescribed pills. But Paul didn’t stop there!

His unique approach allowed me to realise that all my darkest fears were merely an accumulation of my minds irrational thoughts that I just hadn’t realised even existed.
With Pauls help, I was able to break free from that vicious cycle and ultimately experience a new improved me! Thank you so much Paul!! Boom!

Nick P
Managing Director - NMP Accounting