I help people to permanently recover from chronic and debilitating anxiety for life.

This is for you if you are struggling with anxiety in any form (Anxiety disorders, debilitating anxiety,  chronic low level anxiety, specific anxiety related symptoms or fears.)

And your focus is solely on recovering from this problem for life, not managing the symptoms with medication or therapy,  but solving this problem completely and permanently.

I have nothing but praise for Paul.

He has provided a practical path for helping me overcome my anxiety and explained that the source of my problems go back many years.

Paul has provided support throughout our time together, especially during periods of difficulties.

He is a strong advocate of helping his clients overcome anxiety in the long term; he does not believe that the short-term masking of symptoms is an adequate solution.

As an anxiety specialist, Paul is a world leader and I highly recommend his services.

Dr David Bradshaw University of East Anglia


A recovery focused solution for permanently resolving the cause of anxiety in all its forms.


Firstly, I wont teach you to "manage" or "cope" with the symptoms...

Because frankly.

If you manage your anxiety,  your anxiety will last a lifetime.

Because managing the symptoms will never fix the cause.

If you manage social anxiety or panic attacks you will always be held back, it is just a matter of to what degree.

Management isn't recovery.

This is a fact that you know all to well...


If, you have tried to recover by using medication, meditation or CBT.

As most of these strategies are based on research which focuses on reducing symptoms over a 4-8 week period.

Which, is clearly not what anyone truly wants.

If you are 35 then you hopefully have around 2600 weeks left to live...

What works over 8 weeks is meaningless.

What works over the remaining 2592 weeks is priceless.

I suffered from horrific anxiety, ptsd and panic for over 10 years on and off.

And that is all, I managed to do.

Turn it from on... back to off,

again and again.

Move it from active to dormant.

But beneath the surface,(although hidden) the problem still remained.

I was sure that I had tried to recover, I had tried almost everything, so I thought.

But looking back with hindsight.

Everything I tried was a "symptom management" technique which could never give me the life long recovery I desperately aspired to achieve.

I wondered what the difference was between me with anxiety and me without it.

Or from the majority of people who never seemed to suffer from it, at all.

And the only difference I found, was that I had not fully recovered from the problem.

I had spent years managing symptoms which most people never experienced, so my symptoms endured.
Managing low confidence isn't the same as creating high confidence, it just isn't.

The truth is that reducing negative symptoms is not particularly motivational. (So most people avoid it)

What I love to help my clients achieve, is to become the highest version of themselves.

For you to fully realise the uncapped potential which anxiety is stifling.

  • Anxiety has capped your confidence.
  • Lowered your self-esteem.
  • Worn down your resilience.
  • Made you avoidance focused.
  • Damaged your ability to lead in your marriage, business.

Left you chronically stressed and stuck on constant red alert.
Not being able to remember the last time you fully switched off.

Are you truly satisfied with the limits anxiety, stress and panic is placing on your marriage, finances, confidence and self-esteem.

If you want more from life, to be more, to do more... to go further.

Then recovering from anxiety is the unavoidable path toward becoming the man you are meant to become.

Today is just the beginning, embrace the path and you will move beyond it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have these strange and confusing anxiety symptoms?

Where are you located?

My personal, private consulting room is 15 minutes north of Norwich.

My Permanent Address is Scottow Enterprise Park, 262D, Lamas Road, Badersfield, Norfolk, NR10 5JR.

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Anxiety Recovery in Norwich & Norfolk!

I am the only therapist who solely works with anxiety clients in the whole of East Anglia, and I have been for over 10 years.

I have worked with hundreds of people, (mainly professionals and business owners.)
Who all suffer from anxiety, anxiety disorders and anxiety related life problems.

Over the past 5 years I have moved away from "symptom managing therapy" entirely and now works with clients based on a practical and pragmatic approach toward complete anxiety recovery.

My unique approach has been developed from the conversations with over 1000 people who suffer from anxiety, debilitating anxiety and anxiety disorders combined with my personal insights of living with these challenges for 15 years.

*100% Therapeutic Success?

Every client is different and no therapist/consultant/coach can guarantee 100% success when seeing clients. However,  I do select my clients very carefully, so if we work together you can trust that my program is a perfect fit for you and your specific challenges.

*Professional or Personal
It is important for us to enjoy our time together,  I aim to build a strong and powerful bond with every client.  I am the polar opposite of the "emotionally detached" therapist who creates a very different "persona" at work than at home.  I am happy to share the "real" me with you, so that we can both quickly drop our facades and be honest about the challenges you face.

*Terms and conditions
Any information given by you will be treated in confidence and in accordance with the data protection act and UK law. By returning the client notes you agree with our terms and conditions and are confirming that all the details you have given are true and correct. We reserve the right to decline or discontinue working with any client without having to declare any reason. Payment may in some cases be required prior to any work being done and in all other cases is due in full at the end of the appointment. Payment can be made online, by cheque and of course by cash. The clinic operates a strict policy of 48 hours notice required to cancel or move an appointment. Any missed appointments will be charged for up to the full amount. Your session may be audio recorded for quality monitoring purposes. You can ask for a copy of your appointment so you can listen back to it. If you arrive for your appointment intoxicated or under the influence of recreational drugs we reserve the right to stop the appointment or decline seeing you. Due to the obvious fact that we are dealing with human behaviour we are unable to give any guarantees that we will be successful but we will do our best to help you achieve the changes that you want.

Please Note: 48 hours notice must be given to cancel or alter any appointment otherwise the fee will still be due. Missed appointments will be charged in full.